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Meals at the Russian Guesthouse

Russian Borscht
Natasha's delicious Russian borscht
Russian pyrozhki
Homemade pyrozhki
Blinchyki - a typical Russian dish

Natasha Loves to Cook Ethnic Russian Dishes

Cooking is one of Natasha's numerous talents! She uses organic and locally grown produce as much as possible.

A big breakfast with some Russian dishes is included in the price. You will not need to eat again until dinner!!

Additional dishes including various Russian cuisine can be purchased on request:

Borscht - traditional Russian beet, cabbage, and tomato soup. Depending on the time of year and on what produce we have fresh in the garden, borscht can have up to 15 ingredients. The flavour is enhanced by the garlic, dill, and parsley, which give it richness.

Blinchyki – crepes with several different fillings: ground beef, cottage cheese, mushrooms, or apple filling for dessert. Served with sour cream.

Pyrozhki – baked or fried in oil and butter traditional pastries with many different types of fillings.

Goloobtsy - cabbage rolls in tomato sauce. The filling could be made with ground beef or rice to accommodate non-meat eaters.

Farshirovannyi perets – sweet red and green peppers stuffed with filling similar to goloobtsy filling. Served with tomato sauce.

Syrniki – fried cottage cheese patties served with sour cream.

... and dessert