Bed & Breakfast in Grand Forks, BC
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Welcome to Natasha's Russian Guesthouse - Bed and Breakfast in BC, Canada

Bed & Breakfast in Grand Forks, BC
Bed & Breakfast in Grand Forks, BC
Garden at Natasha's Guesthouse

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Bed & Breakfast in Grand Forks, BC

In the southern interior of British Columbia is the peaceful small town of Grand Forks (see map).

Natasha's Russian Guesthouse is located on the edge of Grand Forks, in a secluded peaceful rural area, surrounded by wildlife and close to the Kettle River.

The Guesthouse offers something different in the way of accommodation. From the food to the decor, to Natasha's accent, a stay at the Guesthouse is a Russian cultural experience.

People like to refer to her property as a Russian village. Amongst the outbuildings there is a banya (a Russian sauna) heated with firewood. Yes, you can even chop your own firewood!

Natasha has a beautiful flower garden where birds sing their hearts out. She also has an organic vegetable garden, which supplies much of the food for the meals, which are a unique blend of Canadian and Russian cooking.

For pure relaxation, you will find hammocks, lawn furniture and a gazebo.

A five minute walk from the Guesthouse is a sandy beach on the beautiful meandering Kettle River. Christina Lake, the warmest tree-lined lake in BC is only a 15 minute drive. There you can enjoy the sandy beaches, rainbow trout and spawning salmon. The tranquil beauty of the lake attracts tourists from all over the world.

Natasha's Guesthouse has an interesting history. It was originally built as a service station for the trains that used to pass through the Kettle River Valley. There has been a lot of restorations and renovations utilizing reclaimed timber and other non-synthetic materials to preserve original appearance and heritage of the main house and the outbuildings.

At the Guesthouse, we like to interact with our guests. If you want to explore the Grand Forks / Christina Lake area (see info under local attractions), we can tell you about the local areas of interest and direct you to specific destinations that suits your time frame, interests and abilities. We can help you put together an itinerary that will keep you busy for days!

We would be happy to share information regarding local history, to tell you how to get to a secret swimming hole, where to buy local fruit and vegetables directly from growers.

Also, upon request we can prepare a variety of Russian dishes ahead of the time and have it ready for your convenience for the time of your arrival.

During the growing season we happily share fresh produce from our own garden with our guests.

Bed & Breakfast in Grand Forks, BC